Why Choose Bellamy’s?

Bellamy’s was founded by a Tasmanian Family in 2004 wanting to provide a convenient nutritious
organic choice for their children.

A pure start to life

Our brand promise of providing a ‘pure start to life’ comes from providing children with wholesome organic products made in Australia from certified organic produce.

Mindful eating

We believe that instilling healthy mindful food choices will set your child on the pathway to healthy mindful eating so they develop good eating habits later on in life.

Certified organic

Choosing certified organic provides peace of mind that you’re feeding your child a product that hasn’t been produced with harmful chemicals.

Australian made

All of the products in our range are made and packed in Australia, which means they maintain some of the highest food safety requirements of anywhere in the world.


All certified organic foods are made with ecological, economic and social sustainability. This extends to the farming and sourcing of our ingredients, packaging, storage and distribution.

Quality ingredients

Our ingredients are sourced with a commitment to using the very freshest, high quality, certified organic ingredients. When seasonality and sourcing allows, Australian ingredients are always our first preference.

Uncomplicated nutrition

Created in the kitchen, our simple clean recipes are based on expert nutritional advice for child development and are prepared as purely and as simply as possible.

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Important Notice to Parents and Guardians

  • The World Health Organisation recommends that breastfeeding is best for your baby.
  • Having a balanced diet when breastfeeding is also important. Baby formulas should only be used after you’ve sought advice from a doctor or health practitioner.
  • A decision not to breastfeed can be difficult to reverse and introducing partial bottle feeding may reduce the supply of breast milk. It is also wise to consider the cost of infant formula.
  • If you use infant formula, all preparation and feeding instructions must be followed as per the manufacturer’s instructions. This is important for your baby’s health.