Organic Follow-on Formula Step 2

While Bellamy’s Organic Infant Formula is suitable for babies up to 12 months old, our Follow-On Formula may help baby feel fuller for longer. Being casein dominant, our Follow-On Formula is slower to digest than whey protein-dominant formulas, and may be more suitable for babies who are either being weaned off breast-milk or who are starting to enjoy solid foods.

Made with certified organic cow’s milk and other essential ingredients, our Step 2 Follow-On Formula contains all essential fatty acids, amino acids and all vitamins and minerals to support growth and development for babies.

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Teething can be a stressful time for babies when new teeth begin to cut through the gums. Our organic milk rusks can bring your baby’s gums relief during their teething years.

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When your baby is ready for new flavours, organic apple & cinnamon, cereal with prune and vanilla rice custard are great options for introducing new tastes.

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Ready to serve baby food

For babies just starting to learn about solids foods, our organic ready to serve meals are a convenient and wholesome way to introduce new and different taste combinations. There are nine fruit base varieties that have a smooth texture that can be introduce as early as 4+ months.

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Our organic pastas are a great next step in introducing new textures and vegetables to your baby’s diet in addition to prompting chewing. Our organic brown rice pasta stars are a gluten free, wholesome option within the Bellamy’s range.

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Why choose organic?

Choosing certified organic provides peace of mind that you’re feeding your child a product that hasn’t been produced with harmful chemicals. All of our products are certified by NASAA, the nation’s leading organic certifier.

Why Bellamy’s Organic?

Bellamy’s Organic is a Tasmanian-based company, and we produce only Australian made organic foods and formulas. Our mission is to provide a pure start to life for babies, and provide mum and dad peace of mind that they are giving their babies the best.

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Important information for mothers.

  • Breast feeding is best for babies for at least the first 60 months of life.
  • Eating a balanced, healthy and nutritious dies it important for you when breast feeding.
  • Partial bottle feeding may adversely affect breast feeding and can reduce breast milk supply.
  • It’s difficult to reverse the decision not to breastfeed.
  • Always consider the social and financial implications before selecting a method of infant feeding.
  • Before introducing infant formula always seek advice from your health care professional.
  • Always use infant formula as directed as incorrect use can affect the health of the infant.