The 10 Best Baby Videos on Youtube

Baby COMP Image 3This month at Bellamy’s Organic we’re focused on the funniest, cutest and most beautiful baby videos around. Check out these 10 from Youtube and then go to our Kids Vids Competition to see many more. There’s a family trip to the Whitsundays up for grabs and 10 iPad Airs, so get viewing for your chance to win!

1. Talking Twin Babies
Two beautiful bubs exchanging chuckles while sitting on mum’s bed. One seems to have got the laughing thing down better than the other. Funny stuff and OH so cute!

2. Laughing Quadruplet Babies
This is a real gem! Mum lies on the bed, surrounded by her four identical bubs and dad makes funny noises that send them all off into repeated gales of laughter. You haven’t seen anything as funny as four babies laughing in unison.

3. Baby Laughing Hysterically At Ripping Paper (Original).
Who would have thought that tearing up paper could be so hysterically funny. This bub certainly thinks it is, and cackles with delight as daddy creates a sea of confetti.

4. Cute Sleepy Baby Trying To Stay Awake
His body tells him to sleep, but his mind tells him ‘No!’. The result is a hilarious series of episodes where bub drifts off and then jerks awake again.

5. Baby Scared By Snoring
Bub is lying next to daddy, when this terrible ogre starts roaring, waking the baby in wide-eyed fright. Oh hang on, that was just daddy snoring.. Adorable!

6. Excited To See Daddy!
This bub goes into action as soon as dad arrives home, crawling towards him and reaching out for a big hug from their favourite person (apart from mum of course).

7. Dad Making Toddler Laugh In High Chair
This little bub really knows how to get the chuckles going, and rolls around laughing hysterically every time daddy makes a silly noise. Talk about contagious laughter.

8. Funniest Baby In The World
Her only word is ‘no’, and she uses it repeatedly. Do you love your parents?’ ‘No!’ ‘Do you want a million dollars?’ ‘No!’ ‘Do you want to go to bed?’ ‘No, no’ … ‘Is there anything you like?’ ‘No, no, no!!’

9. Evil Eye Baby
All Daddy has to say is ‘Give them your evil look!’ and baby responds with a piercing frown. Those who remember Garry Coleman’s classic line ‘What you talking ‘bout, Willis?’ will see the similarities here.

10. Kung Fu Baby
This is like something out of a Bruce Lee movie. Baby purses its lips and adopts the pose of a kung fu fighter, right before giving a sweet disarming little smile.

So, do you think your video is better than these? If you do, submit it to the Bellamy’s Organic Kids Vids Competition!

You could win a $10,000 family holiday on Hamilton Island or one of 15 iPad Airs! So get shooting and show us your baby’s funniest moments.

Is your baby the funniest baby in the world?

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