Our Top 10 Mum Articles for 2015 So Far


Mummy blogs are quickly becoming one of the best sources for parents to get advice from other like-minded mums around the country, and often even the world. They can highlight some of the best – and worst – experiences everyone has had as a mum, and can make you feel like you’re not so alone in this world when it comes to bringing up children.

With so many blogs online, it can be hard to find ones that are informative, funny, heartfelt and accurate. So to help, we’ve rounded up our top 10 favourite articles from Australian mum’s in the past month.

School lunchbox inspiration by Mummy to Twins


Trying to figure out what to pack in your kids’ lunchboxes? When you throw fussy eaters into the mix, packing something as simple as a lunch box can be a real chore. This article highlights some of the issues encountered when trying to figure out what to pack, and has some handy hints on how to encourage your kids to try new foods and (hopefully!) find some new foods they enjoy.

When you feel it is all too much, remember this… by The Parenting Files


If you ever feel like it’s all getting to be too much, this article may be helpful to read. There are days when you feel like you’re not the perfect mum, you’re doing everything wrong, and life just feels so overwhelming. Of course there will always be some trialling times with kids, but this article could be all you need to brighten your day and remind you just how wonderful you really are as a parent.

Six clever ways to upcycle kids clothes by Itty Bitty Greenie


Kids go through clothes very easily, and usually it’s because they’ve either outgrown them or used them to their very limits. However,  there are some items of clothing you may want to keep and hang on to for sentimental reasons, while some items are just too beyond repair for donating. This article has some brilliant ideas on how to reuse old items of clothing and make new use out of them. Not only is it convenient, but you’ll be creating eco-friendly products.

51 hilarious reasons why toddlers chuck tantrums by Stay At Home Mum


We all know the tantrums that kids can throw at the most inconvenient of times and for the silliest of reasons. When you’re out and your child is throwing a screaming hissy fit you may feel embarrassed, but you are certainly not alone. If you want to have a good giggle and more than a few moments of relief that your child has never had a tantrum for as silly a reason as these, then all you need to do is read this article.

Starting kindergarten – the essentials by The Veggie Mama


One minute we’re giving birth to our little bubs, and next minute they’re starting kindergarten. Where does the time fly? It’s a proud moment for all mum’s, but one of the most daunting things for kindergarten is preparing your child’s first day supplies. This article has all of the basic essentials you should pack for your child when they first start kindergarten, from their lunchbox to sunscreen and their water bottle.

Tantrums aren’t just for two year olds by Childhood101


You needn’t worry if your three, four or five year old is still throwing a few tantrums here and there. Tantrums aren’t just for the “terrible Twos”, as is explained in this very informative article by Childhood101. It outlines the reasons many older children still have outbursts, and explains what you can do to help alleviate some of the frustrations they may be feeling.

Number Matching Activity for Kids by Laughing Kids Learn


If your child has started to show an interest in numbers, take a look at this article for a very simple and easy activity you can create to give your child. It will help them to learn what numbers look like and, with a little bit of help from you, they can start to learn the numbers. It’s also a great activity for children starting to learn how to count.

Our Bubble by Suzanne Loveland

If your child has a special needs, in particular Down Syndrome, this article might be something that you can relate too. It can be hard to find support from other mothers who are going through the same situation as yourself if you aren’t in an area that has support groups. Raising a child with special needs can be a challenge, but it is also very rewarding. This article discusses Suzanne’s special needs child’s start at kindergarten, and how she felt about the experience.

Teaching Your Child Through Play by Stuff Mums Like


Playing is an important part of a child’s first years, as it helps with the development of a number of essential skills. You can play activities with your child that will help them to learn new abilities, give them a new perspective, and increase their understanding of the world around them. This article by Stuff Mums Like breaks down which activities can be helpful for teaching your kids, and how you can incorporate learning ideas into the games you play with your children.

How Are You? by Teapots and Tractors


Raising kids can be an exhausting task. Stay-at-home mums can sometimes lose track of the outside world and other parents around them. They can also, at times, start to believe that their role as parents is never going to get easier, and that being able to relax while looking after a child is a mere dream. Have a read of this blog to lift your spirits, brighten your day, and remember to ask yourself and other mums around you ‘Are you OK?’

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