Kids Eating Lemons: A Universal Face

There’s a universal face that is associated with eating a lemon: the pursed lips, scrunched eyes and slight shake of the head once the taste registers.

During our recent Bellamy’s Organic Kids Vids competition, we enjoyed the hilarity of several ‘lemon face’ videos submitted by mums and dads, and we’ve decided to share the fun.

Isla is our first video, and while she is trying lemon juice and not lemons her face is most definitely the quintessential lemon reaction!

Jake doesn’t seem to understand that the lemon is the reason for the taste, as he keeps going back for more and then having the same reaction to the taste.

This little girl has the automatic reaction to the sourness of the lemon, but obviously enjoys it quite a bit as she continues eating!

This little boy is a complete lemon-head! He loves his lemon, and even appears to enjoy the sensation of sourness on his tongue.

This little boy is horrified by what his parents are feeding him! And with his big blue eyes he looks at them reprimandingly when they ask him if he wants some more.

Talk about determination! Accompanied by many hilarious faces and mum’s chuckles, this little boy is set on finishing this piece of lemon.

This little boy’s main reaction to the sour lemon is to shake his head vehemently at the thought of more!

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