Food for Thought


To support parents through real conversations on parenting and nutrition, we hosted an exclusive panel event “Food for Thought” in Sydney and Melbourne during May 2018.

Guests heard from Bellamy Organic’s ambassador Rachael Finch, as she spoke about the questions she wished she could have asked as a first time parent and how she lives an organic life today. Industry expert Susie Burrell delved into the foundations of nutrition while Midwife Cath paved the way for conversations on the complexities of maternal health.

‘For busy tired mum’s my number one rule is, feed yourself first. When your nutrition is on track you will feel better and more energised and be in a much stronger position to take care of your family,’ said Susie Burrell.

Susie Burrell, a leading Australian dietician, also explained the necessary nutrients for babies and children, offering unique tips and recipes to integrate into lunch boxes and plate up even on stressful evenings.

‘Good nutrition for growing children is all about consistency, not perfection. If they eat well most of the time, you are on the right track. Small children do not need a lot of food, we simply need to make sure that most of what they eat offers something positive nutritionally.’

Kids were kept busy with an organic craft experience from My Mini Co and all enjoyed an organic breakfast feast.

‘Organic produce has been shown to have a better mix of fats and higher amounts of a number of key nutrients and antioxidants. At a time when immune systems are developing this means that are a number of benefits of consuming organic fresh produce,’ said Burrell.

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At Bellamy's Organic, we believe a pure start to life means providing your little one with uncomplicated nutrition – good food that is straightforward, wholesome & nutritious. Our pursuit will always be to provide pure food that nourishes the gentle tummies of the little ones in our lives.