Your child is by now well and truly on their way to becoming their own little person. They are developing month-by-month, from environmental learning and social development through family interaction. We are to here to help provide general advice, tips and resources about this wondrous stage of life!


Susie Burrell’s Food Series: What Should My Four-Year-Old Be Eating?

With the exception of volume and the added experience of training a four-year-old to get ready [...]

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Susie Burrell’s Food Series: What Should My Three-Year-Old Be Eating?

Once a toddler reaches the age of three, they will have developed food likes and dislikes. [...]

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The Nutritional Value of Carbohydrates for Children

If there is one area of nutrition guaranteed to cause debate it is carbohydrates! We are [...]

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Foods That Boost Brain Development in Children

A recent report out of the US has revealed a lack of nutrients during the first five years of a [...]

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Susie Burrell’s Favourite Healthy Treat Recipes

Who doesn’t enjoy a treat every now and again? However, the thing about treats for kids is [...]

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How Do I Know if My Child is Really Hungry?

Hunger is a strong physiological sensation. However, small children often find it difficult to [...]

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Why Children Lie and How to Encourage Honesty in the Home

Most children are partial to the odd fib or two, but the first time your child lies it can come as [...]

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How to Encourage Children to Eat their Veggies

I have good news for you. It is completely normal for small children to not love vegetables (at [...]

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Why People Of Every Age Can Benefit From Colouring In

It seems you can’t step into a store these days without seeing a colouring book for sale. Be [...]

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