The second year of your child’s life commonly experiences developmental milestones including taking first steps, using simple sentences and being introduced to a balanced diet of the five main food groups. From 12 months on, your toddler will make huge strides physically, intellectually and emotionally. We’re here to provide information for creating a happy, healthy and supportive environment for your child.


Susie Burrell FAQs: Common Nutrition Questions Mums Ask

Nutrition-focused questions are likely to cause debate as it is a topic many people have their [...]

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What are the Best Car Snacks for Kids?

Car trips are tough at the best of times! However, when you are trying to keep young children [...]

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The Secret to Stress Free Family Meals

Family mealtimes are frequently identified as one of the most stressful hours in many [...]

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Healthy Winter Comfort Foods for Kids

With cooler temperatures and shorter days, it’s not only adults who prefer a hearty meal in [...]

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Perfect Food Day For Toddlers

What did your little ones have for breakfast this morning? Was it a soggy Weetbix or half a [...]

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Ask Susie: Help, My Child Doesn’t Eat Anything

One of the most common areas of diet concern for parents of young children is in relation to [...]

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Bellamy’s Firsts: The Twin’s First Steps

Thank goodness we take so many photographs on our phones, it works as a perfect way to remind [...]

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Is Snacking a Dirty Word? The Importance of Snacking for Young Children

We know the importance of small children eating regularly to meet the required amounts of nutrients [...]

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5 Kid Friendly Travel Snacks

At the beginning of the year I travelled to Hawaii with my thirteen-month-old twins! If there is [...]

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