The second year of your child’s life commonly experiences developmental milestones including taking first steps, using simple sentences and being introduced to a balanced diet of the five main food groups. From 12 months on, your toddler will make huge strides physically, intellectually and emotionally. We’re here to provide information for creating a happy, healthy and supportive environment for your child.


What are the Best Car Snacks for Kids?

Car trips are tough at the best of times! However, when you are trying to keep young children [...]

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The Secret to Stress Free Family Meals

Family mealtimes are frequently identified as one of the most stressful hours in many [...]

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Healthy Winter Comfort Foods for Kids

With cooler temperatures and shorter days, it’s not only adults who prefer a hearty meal in [...]

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Perfect Food Day For Toddlers

What did your little ones have for breakfast this morning? Was it a soggy Weetbix or half a [...]

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Ask Susie: Help, My Child Doesn’t Eat Anything

One of the most common areas of diet concern for parents of young children is in relation to [...]

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Bellamy’s Firsts: The Twin’s First Steps

Thank goodness we take so many photographs on our phones, it works as a perfect way to remind [...]

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Is Snacking a Dirty Word? The Importance of Snacking for Young Children

We know the importance of small children eating regularly to meet the required amounts of nutrients [...]

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5 Kid Friendly Travel Snacks

At the beginning of the year I travelled to Hawaii with my thirteen-month-old twins! If there is [...]

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The Importance of Family Meals

While we often focus on what our little ones are eating, far less attention is paid to the way [...]

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