Mindful eating is eating with intention and attention. It’s also about creating good eating habits that can serve well being later on in life. At Bellamy’s we believe in starting a mindful eating approach from the outset, and we’re committed to helping parents give the next generation the support they need to deliver a pure start to life through eating wholesome and nutritious foods.


Tips for Getting Your Diet Organised in 2018

New Year, new start — or so we like to think. This is especially true when it comes to our [...]

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Exactly What Times We Should Eat

Gone are the days when we followed routine meal times and ate breakfast at 7:00am, lunch at [...]

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Susie Burrell’s Best Healthy Food Swaps

There are certain popular foods for children which are often assumed to be healthy, as mums, [...]

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Susie Burrell’s Go-to Natural Plant-based Products

As a nutritionist, I am always looking for unprocessed, plant-based foods to feed my family. [...]

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Summer Eats: Picnic Hampers

A summer picnic is one of my favourite weekend activities. While there are plenty of unhealthy [...]

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Quick and Easy Lunches for Busy Mums

For anyone out there who has kids, few would argue against the notion that being a mother is [...]

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How to Make Healthy Family Eating Habits

There is no doubt family life is hectic and will always be so. However, when bad lifestyle [...]

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two children in school uniform

Choosing Healthy Snacks

two children in school uniform The snack food section of the supermarket, for both adults and [...]

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How to Eat Well on a Budget

Tough financial times means pulling the belt in on our spending. While we cannot stop eating [...]

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